What if everyone on the planet could become the best version of themselves?

Youper was born from the idea that everyone can be super. You + Super = Youper.

However, this potential gets blocked by emotional challenges, like doubt, fear, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Currently, it can take more than 10 years for someone facing these challenges to get the help they need, and more than 60% don’t have access to effective solutions.

It is our mission to empower people everywhere to improve their emotional and behavioral health with the most effective science-backed tools available. We blend artificial intelligence, science, and creativity to deliver a personal assistant that gives everyone the possibility to achieve that very goal.

Meet the team

Jose Hamilton Youper

Jose Hamilton
CEO & Psychiatrist

Hamilton is a Psychiatrist and business visionary with a unique view of the complexity of mental health care. He has over 10 years of clinical experience and has attended over 3 thousand patients.

He founded Youper to empower users with evidence-based psychological approaches and artificial intelligence to overcome mental health issues.

Diego Dotta Youper

Diego Dotta
CXO & Designer

Diego is a developer passionate about understanding users’ needs. He is an agile development evangelist and uses it to create useful, delightful, and easy-to-use products.

His challenge is to blend lean product development and behavior analytics to deliver mental health care effectively and affordably.

Thiago Marafon Youper

Thiago Marafon
CTO & Engineer

Thiago is a computer scientist and innovation management specialist with over 15 years of experience developing complex systems and managing teams.

He is passionate about applying technology, innovation, and automation to solve real-world problems.

Jairet Crum Youper

Jairet Crum
Marketing Manager

Jairet is a communication specialist that has been helping people craft effective messaging and deliver them to the right audience for over seven years.

He is committed to crafting content that delivers clear value to receivers’ lives.