These are our users most frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from Youper?

Anyone. Youper is a platform for anyone who wants to unleash his confidence, decrease anxiety in social situations and make meaningful connections with colleagues, friends and family.

If you can identify with any of the situations below, Youper is for you.

  1. You would like to interact and socialize more with other people, but you doubt if you‘ll have enough confidence.
  2. Presentations or public speaking make you feel anxious and worried.
  3. Being the center of attention makes you feel really uncomfortable or nervous.
  4. You have a hard time expressing your opinion or asking for something you deserve because you care about what people will think about you.
  5. Being nervous or uncomfortable in front of others has prevented you from doing something you really wanted to do.
  6. You stay at your current job or major because it prevents you from dealing with unfamiliar people.
    you’ve avoided seeking new opportunities for fear of interacting with others or for fear of being anxious at a job interview.
  7. You avoid dating because you’re afraid of what might happen when you ask the person out or because you think you’ll be anxious during a date.
  8. You limit your interaction with people because you’re afraid to let them get to know you better, and you worry that if people know you better, they won’t like you.
  9. People often comment that you’re quiet, reserved or not very accessible in social situations or dating.
  10. You’ve noticed yourself refusing invitations to social events because you assumed you would feel uncomfortable.
  11. You ever felt relieved when you learned that a particular social event was canceled.
  12. You worry about getting flushed or looking nervous in front of others.
  13. You’re the kind of person who rarely initiates casual conversations with store clerks, neighbors, passengers sitting next to you, classmates or work colleagues.
  14. Friends or family members say that you worry too much about what people think about you.
  15. You feel embarrassed to eat or drink in front of other people.
  16. You worry about not behaving properly during meals with others and it embarrases you.
  17. You feel so nervous when talking to people that your voice is shaky, choked up, or you get short of breath.

What’s included in the FREE Essential Trail?

Start your journey with the essential trail for free. The activities along this trail are the most important steps for boosting confidence and overcoming anxiety in social situations. Here’s what you get:

Understand how your mind works
Learn how your thoughts influence your behavior and what you need to change to leverage your strengths and boost confidence.

Personalize your journey
Define your needs and preferences to generate the contents, activities and tools you need most to achieve the goals that matter to you.

Control anxiety
Learn the secrets of anxiety mechanisms, and use interactive tools to reduce anxiety in any situation.

Reprogram your brain
Start to understand how your thoughts influence social anxiety. Reprogram your brain with interactive tools to have more confidence and less anxiety.

Practice in real life
Start doing things that you thought were impossible by following the step-by-step guided activities to gradually gain confidence.

Why isn’t Youper just an app?

Youper is a personal digital assistant that is always by your side. All the challenges you complete in Youper were created based on scientific research to ensure long-lasting results.

What's the difference between Youper and self-help books or courses?

Unrealistic promises and quick fixes aren’t acceptable solutions to us, because building confidence and meaningful connections is just like a journey toward the summit of a mountain: it takes time and dedication.

In addition to content created to be accessible and fun, the platform is completely based on behavioral science research to overcome anxiety in social situations. Youper guides you on your personalized journey with interactive tools to develop skills and practice them in real life.

I need the support of my parents. How do I convince them Youper is right for me?

Engaging the important people in your life on your journey of personal improvement is vital. A good way to show how Youper can help is to share content with them that addresses the scientific foundation and effective outcomes.

I'm doing psychotherapy. Can I use Youper?

Absolutely. The platform works great alongside psychotherapy. Youper’s content and tools can also be used as a part of the psychotherapy process. You can talk to your therapist about Youper’s interactive tools and share your breakthroughs and new skills with them.

I already did treatment and/or psychotherapy, but it didn’t work. Can Youper help me?

Of course! There are cases in which medical treatment brings some results, but the development of social skills is still lacking, resulting in frustration. Similarly, it may be that you’ve done a type of therapy that wasn’t specifically aimed at improving shyness, anxiety, and social phobia.