Youper is like a personal trainer for your mind to get in control of anxiety in just 7 minutes a day

Always by your side for personal situations

Calm down using sync breathing technology

Move toward your goals with guided challenges

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How Youper helps you

Youper is a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence for helping you to get in control of anxiety and build a more confident, happier you.

It deliveries actual outcomes, because it’s based on scientific, therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Metacognitive Therapy (MCT).

The users say that Youper makes therapy simple, engaging and fun. Here’s how:

Personal Situations

Count on Youper whenever you have a personal social situation that makes you feel anxious. By using a conversational interface, Youper will empower you with greater confidence and help you get in control of anxiety.

Understand how your mind works

Finally, understand how your mind works and what you need to change to leverage your strengths and boost confidence.

Track your mood

Capture your feelings and emotions, and start discovering what influences them.

Control anxiety

In moments of anxiety, the sync breathing technology will help you calm down and relax quickly.

Reprogram your brain

Youper will walk you through understanding how your thoughts, emotions, and behavior are connected, and how you can rewire them to feel less anxious and more confident.

Practice in real life

To overcome fears you have to face them. Youper provides real-life challenges to gradually push you out of your comfort zone. All challenges are carefully guided and created to help you achieve your goals. The more you do, the more personalized the challenges become.

Achieve lasting results

Youper’s scientific approaches deliver results known to last up to ten years. Experience a whole new world and ways of being in your personal and professional life.

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Android App on Google PlayAvailable on the App Store