Youper is your personal guide to build confidence and feel less social anxiety

Building confidence and meaningful relationships can be just like climbing a challenging mountain, it requires time and dedication to reach the summit.

Along your journey, think Youper as your guide and the backpack full of tools that ensure you reach your destination safely and successfully. You can even fit us in your pocket with our free app.

Whatever your challenge is – giving presentations, meeting new people, doing interviews, or flirting with someone – Youper will be by your side to support your success.

How it works

Understand how your mind works

Finally understand how your mind works and what you need to change to leverage your strengths and boost confidence.

Personalize your journey

Define your needs and preferences to generate the contents, activities and tools you need most to achieve the goals that matter to you.

Control anxiety

Learn the secrets of anxiety mechanisms, and use interactive tools to reduce anxiety in any situation.

Reprogram your brain

Understand how your thoughts influence social anxiety. Reprogram your brain with interactive tools to have more confidence and less anxiety.

Practice in real life

Start doing things that you thought were impossible by following the step-by-step guided activities to gain confidence gradually.

Achieve lasting results

Experience a whole new world and new ways of being by incorporating new behaviour and ways of thinking in your personal and professional life.

Start your journey for free with the Essential Trail

The activities along this trail are the most important steps for boosting confidence and overcoming anxiety in social situations.

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