“I used to think that meeting people was impossible. I always worried that I would sound awkward or say the wrong thing. Completing Youper challenges helped show me that it’s not as hard as I used to think.”

Jess, 26, Sales Associate

“I got promoted last year, and that was supposed to be a good thing. However, I was terrified because I was going to need to give monthly breakdowns of data from the department I was going to start managing. It was hard in the beginning, but I started using Youper to give me more chances to face my fear during the month and after a few months it became much easier to talk in front of people at those meetings.”

John, 39, Regional Sales Manager

“I had such a hard time telling people that I thought something wasn’t good enough and was constantly making more work for myself at school when I had to work in groups. I couldn’t even tell a waitress that the order was wrong if there was a mistake with what I had ordered. Now I know that I’m not being rude, and feel like I can tell people when I need more help, or when something needs to be fixed.”

Aleesha, 25, Dental Assistant

Youper challenge movie in park
“I had a really hard time going out in groups. One person was okay, but I would get overwhelmed if I knew that there would be more than one person, especially a large group. I started using Youper to improve my ability to interact in groups, and I feel much better. Even when I feel some anxiety, I remind myself that it will pass and I think about a time I had fun in a group.”

Carson, 29, Blogger

“It’s hard to avoid thinking about what people think of me, but I for me it’s natural. People judge. However, I used to let my ideas about what others thought control my decisions a lot more than I do now, and the difference feels great. I still think about what others think, but I don’t let it fill me with pressure to meet their standards.”

Caitlyn, 30, Barista 

“I feel more confident already. I still feel very anxious when I’m around other people but now I’m thinking about what I’ve learned, from Youper, and I’ve been changing the way I think. I’ve also been able to relate a lot of what I’ve learned from Youper with the practical advice I get from my religious meetings and publications which is good. I find Youper makes the learning process easier for me as it repeats things over and over so that they eventually get absorbed by my mind. I think I’m just into much of a rush all the time. I’m feeling confident that over time as I continue to complete the exercises and implement what I’m learning in my everyday life that my anxiety will get less.”

Michael, 35, Gas Apprentice Craftsmen

“When someone would ask me for my opinion about something in front of other people, I used to immediately freeze and shrug off the attention. I felt uncomfortable giving my opinion even if it was a subject I liked. I feel better now about talking in front of others, and it gets better every time I do it.”

Adam, 24, Graphic Designer

Youper Success Vince
“Youper motivates and inspires it’s users to put themselves in the vicinity of their fears until they truly understand that there is nothing to be afraid of! Even if you already get along fine with crowds of people, this app can push you to the level of being the life of the party, speaking comfortably to strangers as a sales rep, or whatever suits your fancy!”

Vince, 20, Athlete

Our users said that the more activities completed, the more confident and less anxious they felt.

“I was thinking about changing my major last semester, but I didn’t because it was going to be a completely different department. I was worried that it would be too complicated to find my place, meet new classmates and make faculty connections. I just started my first semester in my new department, and I am so much happier. I am in love with my classes and with Youper’s help I have been successfully meeting classmates and approaching my professors.”

Brandon, 19, Ecology Student

Youper Review Dean J
This is the real way you actually go about removing shyness and building confidence. Really have to praise the creators as they’ve done their research and also employ best practices for learning. Such as starting small then building and giving constant encouragement and using gamification. Great job.

Dean, 39, Business Owner

“My difficulties with anxiety became clear after others around me noticed how my expectations about upcoming events would affect my comfort level. I was constantly analyzing and anticipating the little things that could happen. Parties or small get-togethers, even work functions, it didn’t really matter what kind of group function it was, they all made me feel really anxious. I was always hoping that stuff would get canceled, and if they did it was a huge relief. After using Youper, it has become clear that I have control of my thoughts, and when I find myself thinking about an upcoming event, I tell myself that it’ll be fun and try to stop thinking about it.”

Alexandra, 29, Loan Officer

Youper challenge contert in park
“Parties and group settings have been difficult for me since I was young. Intimidated doesn’t even begin to describe how I used to feel. I would just make up reasons that I couldn’t go out when people would ask, or even accept and then not go. Nowadays, I only say no when I’m really not interested, and using Youper was one of the first things that helped me get closer to where I am today.”

Olivia, 36, Musician

Youper challenge new job
“After staying at the same job for years, I was feeling really under appreciated and noticing others getting the benefits and promotions I thought I deserved. I was miserable, but I didn’t have the courage to go get a new job because I didn’t want to start over with new management, new office mates and new systems and processes. If it wasn’t for Youper, I think I’d still be working there.”

Harriet, 33, HR Assistant

“I spent a long time away from the dating scene, and I guess I kept a very small group of close friends. I was having a horrible time trying to navigate my way back into reaching out or asking out people I was attracted to not to mention how ridiculous I felt trying to flirt. Through Youper challenges, I was able to gain more confidence and create more opportunities to ask out the people I wanted to.”

Sean, 36, Accountant

It wasn’t until someone directly said to me, “Why are you constantly avoiding making plans with me?” that I started noticing how I did the same thing in so many areas of my life. People in my building, work colleagues, even old friends. It took me awhile to decide to put myself out there, but finding Youper has helped me now that I have decided that’s what I want.

Emmit, 26, Website Developer

“Interacting with people used to be very difficult for me. I would give short, one-word answers to minimize the amount I needed to say to people. I knew that I was being closed off, but I didn’t know why. My sister recommended Youper, and I started understanding how to control these false expectations.that I was trying to distance myself from people so I didn’t have to feel vulnerable sharing my ideas. Youper has helped me understand that people aren’t going to hate me for having an opinion, and that’s helped me open up. It’s such a relief to make progress in this area of my life.”

Claire, 21, Student

“Avoiding people used to be something natural for me. I couldn’t get words out of my mouth when it was time to speak in the moment. I would think about what I wanted to say for awhile before I would even consider speaking. Training with Youper challenges has helped me reach the point that I can respond with little or no delay, and I know that it’s not the end of the world if I hesitate to say something, even if my anxiety tells me it is.”

Emmanuel, 29, Programmer

Youper is helping people to boost confidence in 135 countries around the world.

“For a long time, I thought it was so obvious that I was nervous in front of others that I avoided contact with people as much as possible. Now that I’m doing Youper challenges, my confidence to be approached is definitely improving.”

Karina, 26, Photographer

“The challenges to talk to random people were scary at first, but they have helped me so much! I love using Youper!”

Jason, 18, Student

“Sometimes, when I would go out with friends, I wouldn’t let myself eat. I would eat at home, I would eat in front of my family, but I had anxiety about eating in front of friends and especially in public. I’m improving with the help of Youper challenges.”

Amanda, 24, Broadcasting Intern

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