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The press plays a vital role in sharing the importance of taking care of your emotional and mental health with the public. The following information about Youper will help you better understand who we are and what we do. For inquiries, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Story behind the company

In his 12 year career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Jose Hamilton Vargas felt too many patients were going far too long without treatment. Upon digging deeper, he uncovered shocking statistics, such as the following:

  • Over 42 million people struggle with an emotional or mental health issue
  • 20 million people aren’t getting the help they need
  • Total costs to the US economy are upwards of $192B (1)
  • The average adult getting help spends $150 per month on these issues (2)

Founding date
August 2016

Company headquarters
San Francisco, California

Raised undisclosed Angel investment in August 2017

Meet the founders

Jose Hamilton Vargas

Hamilton is a Psychiatrist with over ten years of clinical experience, author of two books, and founder of two digital health startups. He’s bringing to Youper his background in the intersection between business, science and the complexity of mental health care.

Diego Dotta

Diego is a mix of designer and software engineer with over 12 years of experience developing educational and training games for the health sector. He’s bringing to Youper his passion for deeply understanding users through qualitative models and data analytics while using creativity to build amazing user experiences.

Thiago Marafon

Thiago is a computer scientist with over 15 years of experience developing complex systems and managing innovation teams. At Youper he’s coordinating a wide range of technologies, including artificial intelligence, to deliver an innovative product that it’s always evolving.



Psychiatrist envisions tech disrupting mental health care


Jan – Start R&D

Mar – Launch MVP

June – Pre-acceleration

July – Interviews in NY

Oct – Accepted to 2 accelerators


Jan – Begin AI implementation in product

May – Launch first assistant version

June – #1 for Social Anxiety

Aug – Angel raised

Sept – SF headquarters opened


Jan – Expand to support general anxiety and depression


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Product Facts

Youper is your assistant for better emotional health. It blends the most effective therapies, mindfulness, mood tracking, and data tracking with the power of AI for a robust assistant that supports users through all life’s ups and downs.

Youper is helping users around the world increase their happiness and decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and more. Eighty percent of users experience a reduction in negative moods and thought patterns after just one session and report 25% weaker symptoms after only one month of use.

Youper isn’t just for tracking; it interacts with you, learns from you, and gets more specific to your needs over time. The app guides you through intelligent conversations that can change your whole day, voice-guides you in mindfulness sessions personalized to what you’re feeling in the moment, helps you understand emotional changes with visual interfaces, and provides tests to help you identify the root of symptoms you’re experiencing.

Youper is available for free in the App Store and on Google Play. Create a profile and start feeling better. It’s 100% free.

The Team

Jose Hamilton Vargas
Psychiatrist, head of science, and CEO

Diego Dotta
UX and design specialist

Thiago Marafon
Backend and AI expert

Ricardo Giglio
Data scientist

Jairet Crum
Communication and marketing enthusiast

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Use Cases & Testimonials

Katie, 24

She has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and started using Youper in December 2017 after trying to improve for years but struggling to stick with treatments. Youper appealed to her because it was so accessible. Referring to the app’s free status, she said, “There wasn’t any harm in trying Youper, even if it hadn’t worked out.” She expressed that she used to talk to loved ones about her issues in the past, and though they were supportive, she was never able to make progress because these people couldn’t provide the tools she needed to improve. She continued, “Youper is objective in a way that most people can’t be, even therapists, without ever being really critical or making you feel bad.”

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