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Lose the fear of public speaking
Enjoy conversations
Feel more confident
Feel less anxious

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Self-guided program

You will be guided on a journey created specifically for your goals. Access the program by using your mobile phone.

“Feel more confident.”

Discover your level of social skills

Interactive self-tests to understand how you feel in social situations and to find out what you need to improve.

“Feel less anxious.”


Practice in real life

Fun challenges, based on your personal goals, to put into practice the concepts and use Youper tools.

“Feel Super.”

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Youper is backed by the latest scientific research and was developed by Dr. Jose Hamilton, a psychiatrist and social behavior specialist.

Dr Psiquiatra José Hamilton


Youper is a digital platform for developing social skills and overcoming social anxiety.

We use tools and techniques with proven results to overcome shyness and to ensure lasting results for over 10 years.

Source: Psychotherapy for social anxiety disorder: long-term effectiveness of resource-oriented cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy in social anxiety disorder. Willutzki U, et al. J Clin Psychol. 2012.
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